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2012 Brand New Conference, why didn’t you come?

Sep. 20, 2012 by Armin

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This is the last post about the 2012 Brand New Conference. Promise.

As we prepare to enter our fourth year of doing the conference in 2013 and it is apparently going to keep going for many more years, we want to know what we can do better, or different, to sway our way the people that chose not to go. We know reasons may vary: timing, price, interest, etc. But we want to make sure we are either not doing something wrong or making sure that whatever we are doing we are doing it more convincingly.

Trolls and haters are invited to comment on any of the other active posts. We want honest, useful feedback, even if it’s negative — but just busting out the hate is completely useless.

There is a quick poll below (or after the jump) with what we feel are the top reasons not to attend. You can contribute just by voting or you can leave a comment.



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