Beiramar Logo, Before and After

Established in 1981, Beiramar is one of the largest real estate companies in Brazil with over 3,000 rental properties and over 30 builder partners with whom they develop properties. A new identity has been designed by Bertoni Design.







I really enjoy redesign jobs like this one, where it’s a graphic exercise in betterment that doesn’t require layers of meaning and rationalization. You can just decide “Better” or “Worse” without much remorse. The previous logo was terribly executed with a dolphin that looked as if it hadn’t eaten in a long time and an unfortunate combination of sans serif typefaces that have nothing to do with each other. The new logo is a vast improvement, even if far from perfect. The dolphin is very nicely executed and is an example of a proper use of a swoosh. Changing the dolphin’s orientation puts the logo in the right direction and movement. The wordmark is where things get a little awry. The “A”s look nice and match with the dolphin; the “R” sort of does the same; the “E”, “I”, and “M” just sit there; and the “B” is like from a completely different logo with the squared- and cut-off crossbar. So, not ideal, but definitely more palatable than the previous typography. The applications get a little sinuous for my taste, but there is some decent integrations of the dolphin’s fin and the use of dark blue keeps it from becoming too unsophisticated. Overall: Better!

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