Mayflower Logo, Before and After

Established in 1927, Mayflower Transit is one the United States’ biggest moving companies and in corporate speak they claim to be “the most recognized name in moving.” Having used moving companies when we moved from Chicago to New York and then New York to Austin, the moving industry is one of the most annoying, frustrating and scam-prone I have experienced or researched. So saying they are the most recognized name in moving is basically bragging they are the most recognized name in “things I don’t want to deal with because they suck.” So, yes, that gives them an advantage point I guess. But that’s enough of my personal grievances. Back in May or perhaps earlier, Mayflower introduced a new logo and this week it launched a new national TV campaign with a rather creepy spot by Grey Advertising.




Source of images above: Mayflower’s Facebook page.

The old logo was, well, old. The typography and the ship were interestingly drawn but it was starting to look like something you would see on an ironic t-shirt worn by a hipster rather than on the polo of a Mayflower employee. The new ship is not perfect, but it conveys movement and dynamism with the sails puffed up by the wind (I’m sure there is a technical term for that). The body of the ship seems a little unresolved, it isn’t clear what its shape or structure is. I could do without the gradients, and in the employee shots above it looks like a flat version of the logo works perfectly well. The typography is probably the biggest improvement, it’s a nice chunky italic, with proper spacing and even a proper ? ligature that doesn’t try to be too fancy. And there is no giant marionettes in the logo, so that’s good.

Update Jul.16.2010: The identity was designed by Lippincott.

Thanks to Jerry Kuyper for first tip.

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