Arby's Logo, Before and After

Established in 1964, Arby’s is a fast food chain best known for its roast beef sandwiches and above-average curly fries. Formerly owned by the same company that owns Wendy’s, Arby’s is owned by Roark Capital Group as of 2011, who owns around 1,100 of the locations with the rest being franchises in the U.S. and around the world, with a total of approximately 3,600 locations. In February it was reported that Arby’s would be preparing for a big change at the end of this year and it assigned its advertising business to Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. Over the weekend a new TV (not available online) ran with a new logo. Absolutely no further information is available. The logo was developed in partnership between Adrienne Weiss Corporation and Alcone Marketing with CPB.

Through the new campaign, Arby’s highlights this fact and differentiates themselves from other sandwich shops that cannot make the same claim. Specifically, the brand re-launch includes:

National television, print and digital advertisements, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, featuring former NYC Police Detective Bo Dietl on a mission to expose the truth about fresh slicing.

- Updated, modernized logo that stays true to the iconic hat, but also communicates Arby’s pride in freshly slicing meat daily in each restaurant.
- Introduction of new menu items, including Turkey Roasters.
- New tagline — “Slicing Up Freshness.”
- Complete website refresh at

The cutting-edge advertisements were brought to life with the help of director Larry Charles, who is best known for directing films such as Borat, Religulous, Brüno and The Dictator, as well as his writing work for Seinfeld. These new televisions spots mark Charles’ first endeavor into commercials.
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Arby's Logo

Arby's Logo

TV spot.

The Arby’s giant hat logo is one of the most fun fast food chain logos: oversize and over-Western’d without any excuses. Their classic road signs, sadly less common now, are always a sight to behold. Even what looks like cheesy typography is a very nice, condensed bit of slab serif that filled in the hat properly. The new logo retains the hat shape, along with some unfortunate 3D extrusion, but replaces the typography with some flavorless, sans serif with a lowercase “a” and the sharpest, biggest (and is that shiniest?) apostrophe that no logo ever needed. It’s hard to tell where this is all going since, other than the image above of the red logo on a black apron, there is nothing else to see yet (so we will follow-up if anything comes up) but the first impression is that this is a half-baked update that forces the new trend of bold, friendly, lowercase typography into the quirkiness of the old hat. No amount of roast beef can make that tasty.

Thanks to Brent for first tip.

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