Arts United Logo, Before and After

Originally named the Fine Arts Foundation when it began in 1955, Arts United, as it was renamed twenty years ago, is one of the oldest non-profit art funds in the United States, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Its mission is “to provide support to arts and cultural organizations and to unite and coordinate arts efforts in northeast Indiana.” Arts United also manages the Arts United Center, built in 1973 by Louis Kahn and serves as the main performing space for the Civic Theatre, the Youtheatre, Fort Wayne Ballet, Fort Wayne Dance Collective and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. This month, Arts United introduced a new logo designed by local Fort Wayne agency One Lucky Guitar.

“You might say we’re getting out of the box and moving in a new direction. We want our logo to demonstrate the collaborative nature of our mission to enrich the community by making arts and culture a vital part of our lifestyle. We’re excited about our new look.”
Press Release (PDF)

Arts United

As corny as it sounds to say that the new logo gets out of the box, it indeed does so literally as well as attitudinally. The old logo was very serious and artsy, with that Avatar-meets-Roman-inscription lettering in the 1980s blue box motif. The new one breaks away nicely from those limited constraints and creates a lively shape that speaks to collaboration and integration. The monogram is simple, easy to read, and has a very nice dimensionality that does not rely on shading to convey its volume. The loosely spaced Neutraface type gives it a little mid-century artistic flavor that contrasts well with the rounded monogram above. The logo works very well too in inverse, as the business cards above show and it’s also surprising how good it looks against the bright orange background in the image below. Overall, a very strong and fresh update.

Arts United

Thanks to Jon Swerens for the tip.

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