Banelco Logo, Before and After

About: (Est. 1985) “Banelco is an ATM network in Argentina. Established in 1985, Banelco offers several services related to the cash flow management, including debit cards, electronic transfers, services payments, etc. Operating 4,500 ATMs (one third of the total in the country)[…]. The company also operates Pagomiscuentas, an electronic bill payment service. Banelco, an acronym for Banca Electr�nica Compartida, is owned by private banks. Link, in turn, is used primarily by state owned banks.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Design by: DAS Branding.

Ed.’s Notes: Fairly nice, in that South American corporate identity kind of way (rounded, bold sans serif, italicized). A few more images below (or after the jump).

Relevant links: DAS Branding case study.

Banelco Logo

Banelco Logo

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