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Replacing Microsoft’s Live Search search engine and attempting to take Google head-on, Bing is the new frontier of search. Or at least that’s what Microsoft wants us to think. There is no need for a full explanation of what Bing is or does, you can simply start using it and see for yourself — actually, just search for yourself (you know you do it all the time anyways) and see if the results are better or worse. There are plenty of other blogs and sources critiquing the functionality and efficacy of Bing, so what truly brings us all here today is the sad, awful, unforgivable mutilation that has been done to these four poor letters of the Latin alphabet.

Bing Logo, Scaling

Top: The logo re-scaled horizontally to what I assume were its approximate, original proportions. Below: Overlay of scaled logos.

This is like setting the resolution of your screen to 6,000 pixels wide by 1,000 high. I can’t even imagine how someone arrives at a design solution like this. The shapes resulting from the strenuous horizontal scaling are simply too unflattering and unattractive. There is bad taste and then there is this. What was going through the designer’s mind? “I’ll scale it a little bit. Hmmm, maybe just a little more. More. More. I have so much power. I’m drunk in scaling power. More. More. Scale it more. Don’t stop. Do it. Okay, that’s enough.”

Microsoft has never been a paragon of good design, or even decent design. But this is rubbing it in design’s face.

Thanks to Robin Davis for first tip.

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