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Established in 1905, Club Atlético Boca Juniors (Boca Juniors for short and Boca for even shorter) is one of the best soccer teams in the world and the history of the sport. Based in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Boca has won 51 national and international titles, including the most recent championship title of Argentina’s premier league. Beyond soccer, Boca Juniors also manages teams in other sports like basketball and volleyball, runs 24 soccer schools around the world, and even has its own hotel, Hotel Boca. At the end of April, Boca Juniors introduced a new global identity for all of its different properties, designed by Buenos Aires-based BridgerConway. From what I understand, this new logo does not replace the team’s shield but rather acts as a complement and endorser.


Lock-up with existing shield.

On their main website, the shield and new logo appear together as a lock-up, but their Facebook page just shows the new logo, so I wonder if there is some phasing out of the shield or if they will live together forever. Either way, the new logo is the perfect example of the difference between the aesthetics of American sports and the rest of the world. Not a bevel, gradient, or spiked serif in sight. This is not to say that this new logo is perfect nor that it’s the best thing we’ve seen all year. Far from it: The wordmark, an extension of the type found in the 2008 shield, is as bland as it gets when it comes to chunky slab serifs, and the “La Mitad Mas Uno” — “Half Plus One”, a popular motto of Boca meaning that more than half of Argentinian soccer fans will always root for it, instead of other local teams — is the most uninspired choice and quite awkwardly spaced inside that rectangle. But the patina of simplicity is there. It’s just 1 star, 1 stripe, and 4 uppercase letters. I wish there was an element of surprise or something that elevated this beyond what it is, but when you have the best soccer team around, I guess you don’t have to try too hard with your logo.






Thanks to David Godfrey for the tip.

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