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Brand New Awards, Pre-Order Book, iPad Preview, and Winner Thumbnails

Jul. 6, 2011 by Armin

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It has taken a little bit longer than expected. Wrangling images and content for 101 entries has not been easy. Nonetheless, The 2010 Brand New Awards publication is nearly finalized and files will be sent to print next week and we expect to have our inventory by the end of July or early August. To get things sizzling we are offering a 20% discount — at $27.99 off the eventual retail of $34.99 — on all pre-orders, available until the books are bound, boxed, and stored at UCllc headquarters. Details, sample spreads, and ordering button in this very post.

This is a slightly long post with other bits of news and details about the BNAs, so follow the numbers. There is 5 total.

1. Pre-order Book / (08.04.2011: NOW CLOSED)

Sample spreads below. Click on each image for bigger view. Click on button to pre-order.

Brand New Awards CoverProduction Notes:
252 pages
Offset printed in Austin, TX
Cover: Finch Fine, 130 lb Double Cover
Text: Finch Opaque, 100 lb Text

Purchase Notes:
1. Book transactions are processed first through AuctionInc and finalized through PayPal.
2. Double-check that your PayPal address is correct.
3. Texas residents are charged 6.25% sales tax on all items including shipping costs.

Shipping Notes:
1. Shipping is scheduled for end of July or early August. You will receive a notification when your book has shipped.
2. We ship anywhere in the world.
3. International buyers allow 10 business days for delivery.
4. U.S. buyers may choose from Media Mail (6 – 7 business days) and Priority Mail (2 – 3 business days) shipping

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

pre-order spread

2. Winning Entry Previews

The Winners page on the BNAs site has been updated to display single, black-and-white thumbnails of all the winning entries. Just a quick tease for what you can expect in the book.

3. Discount for Winners and Submitters

Right now we are only selling pre-orders, but when the book is officially available we will offer winners and submitters the following discounts:
Winners: 50% off, limit to 5 copies (in addition to the complimentary copy)
Submitters: 20% off, limit to 3 copies
You will receive a separate e-mail in the coming weeks with details about how to get your discount copies.

Discounts will only apply to the printed book, since Apple does not allow different prices for apps.

4. iPad Publication

With final content almost ready, we are gearing up to submit our iPad publication for approval to Apple. Below are sample pages and functionality of the app. This way you can see if you would like to wait for it to be ready, rather than buying the book. It will retail for $19.99 when released. Why not free or $0.99? Because the book is neither free nor $0.99 either, and just because others can sell millions of Angry Birds games doesn’t mean we can price at those levels. Click on each image for bigger view.

pre-order iPad

The “home” page provides a quick summary of all the contents, using the same data that appears in the chapter openers of the book.

pre-order iPad

Always present at the bottom of the screen is a collapsible “Contents” bar that provides quick access to sort by categories, special awards, and ratings.

pre-order iPad

Secondary thumbnail pages provide access to view the individual entries. Shown: Comprehensive Identity Programs category.

pre-order iPad

Sample of individual winning entry with a generous, swipeable area for images. Vertical scrolling shows all the rest of the content.

pre-order iPad

All the entries from the Logo and Identity Animations category will have video files that play directly on the publication.

pre-order iPad

Each entry has been tagged and a panel contains all the tags so that you can browse all the entries in a different way.

pre-order iPad

Sample of a tag page. Shown: Sans Serif (there is lots).

5. PDF

The files for the book will be available as a PDF download for those who don’t want to buy the book and don’t have an iPad but still want a digital version. The PDF will be available for $19.99 as well. A PDF with 12 sample spreads is available for preview here [16.4 Mb PDF].

If you are wondering why a static PDF is the same price as a full-fledged iPad app it’s because we are pricing based on digital content, not delivery medium. Believe it or not, not every designer has an iPad so the alternative is the PDF. The content is the same as the book and the iPad and that’s what we are selling, content. We also had to be consistent with the relative book-to-PDF pricing of Flaunt.



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