Alright folks: At least 10 tickets are up for grabs today for this Friday’s Brand New Conference in New York. (If there is enough demand, we will match our sponsors’ giveaway with 10 tickets of our own). Read on for details.

The 10 free tickets come courtesy of our following sponsors:

Typekit (4 tickets) (2 tickets)
MailChimp (2 tickets)
Hoefler & Frere-Jones (2 tickets)


1) Leave a comment in this saying “Me” or “I” to enter the drawing.

2) Make sure you use or have a REAL e-mail to comment in your Disqus profile. They don’t show up live, but I see them in the system. If I can not contact you you can not win.

3) You have until 6:00 PM Eastern Time TODAY, Tuesday September 4 to leave your comment.

4) We will put all the names in a bag, shuffle ‘em and pull out 10 (20?!) winners. We will record and post the video for authenticity.

5) Winners will be announced shortly after that.

6) ONLY submit your name if you are clear to attend the conference this Friday in New York; do not take away someone else’s chance to attend.

7) Travel and accommodations are your responsibility.

Update 2:27 pm EST: So, yeah, there is definitely demand. We will definitely throw in our 10 free tickets to match the sponsors. That means, there will be, as of now, over 70ish people disappointed — you should pay and come, it will be worth it!


Update 6:43 pm EST: Here are the winners. Please look for an e-mail from me with instructions.

From Typekit (4 tickets)
Ivy Fuld
John G

From (2 tickets)
Diana ha
Cody Thompson

From MailChimp (2 tickets)
Anne McMurray
Jarrett Fuller

From Hoefler & Frere-Jones (2 tickets)
Jeffrey Prater

From UnderConsideration (10 tickets)
Anastasia Kladova
Mark Weaver
Lelia Rechtin
Dave Yurkanin
Travis McKinney
Andre Pennycooke
Helen Shin
Kelsey Hunter

Update 8:10 pm EST: Proof of randomness below. Not necessarily pretty, but it does the trick.

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