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About: (Est. 2007) “ is the world’s largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see.”

Design by: N/A.

Ed.’s Notes: Nice type selection and I like the use of the “c.” mark a little more — seen below (or after the jump). And their new website is slick.

Relevant links: N/A. Logo, Before and After

Update 12.04.12: Additional information and images have been provided by is the world’s petition platform where people all over the world win victories every day. Our brand works to support these people.

Our wordmark is a modified, more humanized Parachute Din. Recognized in airports and train stations around the world, Din adds journalistic clarity and professionalism while retaining human character. We’re in 196 countries, growing not just in the United States but also the Middle East and Asia. We erred against trendy executions like dynamic color or complex metaphors like a delta, in lieu of this universal simplicity.

The “c-dot” logomark connects effortlessly with its wordmark parent. This bold emblem as seen on Facebook and Twitter, is a clear and phonetic reminder that are a “dot org.”

Our palette spans a strong, hopeful red-and-white. We represent deliberate action, so our brand red supports the product’s strongest calls to action, buttons like “Sign this petition.”

While we continue to iterate executions in our product and elsewhere, we’re pleased with these fundamentals. They’re the result of real collaboration across an international stakeholder team, our own designers and the great folks at Instrument. We’re excited about where we’re going.

- designers Lauren Adams and Alexander McCormmach
- Instrument creative director JD Hoodge and Tim Kamerer designer
- Nathaniel Kerksick, design director

Thanks to Jonathan McCoy for the tip.

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