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Established in 1979, CooperVision, part of The Cooper Companies, is a manufacturer of contact lenses that hasn’t enjoyed the mainstream consumer popularity of competing brands like Acuvue, Bausch+Lomb, or CIBA Vision, placing it squarely in fourth place. Although CooperVision had a good rapport with eye care professionals recognition among consumers who more and more are getting their contact lenses straight from the source. In March CopperVision introduced a new identity designed by Siegel+Gale that aims to bring it more visibility.

The new watermark logo was designed to represent a blend of scientific precision with the vibrancy found in everyday experiences. The spectrum of colors and fluid nature of the design reinforces CooperVisions perspective that the world is a vibrant, ever-changing place. It also provides a unique take on water and comfort valuable qualities of the CooperVision lenses that are key ingredients in our wearers daily lives. In addition to an updated marketing portfolio and packaging, the marketplace will experience a much energized CooperVision, building on its commitment to the eye care practitioner and the hard-to-fit patient with an ever expanded offering of its more widely used lenses such as Biofinity.
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Identity elements. Click image to view bigger.

To say that the old logo needed help is like diagnosing a patient as having “astigmatism, presbyopia, and ocular dryness” — CooperVision’s specialties — all at once. It screamed business-to-business. The new logo is a fantastic evolution into a lifestyle, business-to-consumer brand that manages to retain a certain clinical aesthetic but with far more personality and confidence. The watercolor lens looks simply delicious at small and large sizes and is so pleasantly unexpected. Much appreciation to not changing the colors in Photoshop for each color version, but actually repainting the logo, adding just enough of a hint of being a flexible identity without going overboard. The typography is nice and simple, playing a solid supporting role. Will it fax? No. Will it embroider? Probably, yes, a little. But it’s the applications and the infusion of a fresh perspective that matters most.

We needed to develop a visual identity that outwardly expressed CooperVision’s position as a challenger brand — [one that is “bringing a refreshing perspective that creates real advantages for customers and wearers.”] A key component of the brand promise was the acknowledgment that not everyone sees and experiences the world in the same way, so we wanted a logo and system based on this idea.

The new CooperVision visual system is based on the use of watercolor, an original and unexpected take on the very familiar and overused industry concept of moisture. The new CooperVision mark comes in six different colors and uses a very precise and light typeface to create a balance of beauty and scientific precision.

Overall, the system is designed to capture the vividness that exists in the everyday world, be as visually refreshing as CooperVision’s refreshing way of partnering with practitioners, while also bringing global consistency to a visually fragmented organization and establishing CooperVision as a clear masterbrand.
— Siegel+Gale Project Description



Business cards and brochure.




The applications are elegant and vibrant. Even though they use the oft-used bright-color-on-white-background model it manages to stand out. Overall, this is a great revolution of a tired brand.

Reviewed April 19, 201104.19.11 by Armin

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