Couchsurfing Logo, Before and After

About: (Est. 2004) Couchsurfing is “A global network of travelers, adventure seekers and lifelong learners who value trust among strangers and are dedicated to sharing their cultures, hospitality and authentic experiences — whether they’re on the road or in their hometowns. There are over 5 million Couchsurfers in more than 97,000 cities, with a new user signing up every 11 seconds.”

Design by: In-house.

Ed.’s Notes: Don’t worry, no handwriting was harmed in the making of this logo. It’s just a font. Two versions of the log exist: one without the loop as it appears on their site and one (below or after the jump) with the loop when the logo appears outside of the main website; part of the idea is that people can customize it.

Relevant links: Couchsurfing blog post.

Select quote: “Our objective with this new logo was to focus on the entire word ‘couchsurfing’ and turn it into a term that has meaning in and of itself. We’re not about ‘Couch’ and ‘Surfing’, we are about the act of ‘couchsurfing’, of connecting with people for inspiring experiences all over the world. We’d like to turn the word itself into the symbol that the couch has been. The designers brought this sense of human touch to life with the font they chose for the logo, which suggests handwriting. The more earthy shade of orange was chosen because it gives a sense of authenticity which reinforces the humanity of our brand.”

Couchsurfing Logo

Thanks to Adrian Pawliszko for the tip.

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