FICO Logo, Before and After

I’m a little late on this one, as the news actually took place back in March but is certainly redesign worth talking about even if not entirely fresh. What seems like a funny name to anyone outside the financial industry (or at least to me) Fair Isaac Corporation — named after the 1956 partnership of Bill Fair and Earl Isaac not an ethically and morally superior guy named Isaac — is one of the strongest monikers in it. Well, it’s shortened version is: FICO. Which may be familiar to anyone that has had to delve into the frightening territory of credit scores, since FICO Scores are the most commonly available and tend to be pretty accurate. But Fair Isaac Corporation does more than that, offering a full range of business consulting services that are perhaps not as quickly associated with their name as the credit scores, so the company has been repositioned simply as FICO.

FICO Logo, Application

Designed by Ammunition — with Brett Wickens as creative director, Jeremy Matthews as design director, and Michael McQueen as designer — the new wordmark is, to what I’m sure will be most people’s disliking, strikingly simple. Uppercase sans serif, tightly spaced. No more and (hardly could be) no less. What to most will seem as booooring (spare us in the comments if you can) is one of the most appropriate solutions for a company this size in an industry this screwed up. As has been mentioned in past, recent threads, when it comes to organizations handling business and money what is expected is a solid and strong identity that will convey security and experience. This four-letter wordmark surely does that and you could even hint that the way the “C” embraces the “O” is downright friendly and cuddly. So, it may lack visual luster but, above all, it’s a fair logo.

FICO Logo, Application

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