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Financial Quilt

Reviewed Jun. 17, 2010 by Armin

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CNO Financial Group Logo, Before and After

Conseco was originally established in 1979 as an insurance provider, becoming a publicly traded company in 1985 when it started to operate as a holding company for its customer-facing subsidiaries Bankers Life and Casualty Company, Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company, Washington National Insurance Company, and 40|86 Advisors. The company was mired in bad publicity when it loaned millions of dollars to its own executives in the late 1990s and it later went through bankruptcy in the early 2000s. Looking to establish some distance from its past, Conseco changed its name to CNO Financial Group this past March and introduced a new identity.

Our corporate brand’s new symbol is derived specifically from a classic “log cabin” quilt pattern, where the core letters of the brand (CNO) neatly come together to form the sum of the parts. The symbol represents our commitment to helping middle-income consumers and retirees protect themselves and their loved ones. Our company and its brand are built on a foundation of honesty and integrity, woven together like a tapestry quilt with the spirit of serving everyday Americans.
2009 Annual Report

CNO Financial Group

Perhaps it’s the blunt simplicity and straightforwardness, but I absolutely love this new icon. It’s a perfect square, it’s the letters of the acronym, it’s easy to reproduce, and it’s perfectly appropriate for its industry and audience. The departure from the green and into a warmer palette makes a striking difference as well. But what really stands out is a set of patterns that I first noticed on the web site and further clicking confirmed that they were part of a bigger idea and that they supported the concept of the quilt.

CNO Financial Group

A page from the 2009 annual report.

CNO Financial Group

The different patches are dynamic, colorful and bold and provide a great identity palette to work from. Individually they are perhaps not the most unique, but they come together rather nicely, if used correctly…

Only watch the video below if you have a high tolerance for really crappy corporate videos. Goes to show you what happens when you hand over identity assets.

Thanks to Gwynne Watkins for the tip.

Update:The identity was designed by New York-based Infinia. A few more images have also been provided.

CNO Financial Group

CNO Financial Group

1-color applications.

CNO Financial Group

The patches can be created in a number of color combinations.

CNO Financial Group

Nice photography.



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