Government of Chile Logo, Before and After

In March we reported on the redesign of the Government of Chile identity, focusing on the return of the coat of arms. At the time, response to the logo was mostly negative due, in part, for its execution, but also because of its association to Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in the 1970s and 80s. Last month, the government introduced a more thorough redesigned identity designed by Chilean agency Hambre and a proprietary type family by Rodrigo Ramírez.

Government of Chile

Government of Chile

Examples of sub-brands.

Government of Chile

Sample of proprietary type family, GobCL, by Chilean type designer Rodrigo Ramírez.

I was probably one of the few that liked the interim logo. It had a nice finish and the typography wasn’t offensive. But, no, it wasn’t anything special. The new identity is far more well thought out and envisioned as a very, very official-looking brand. It might not be fun or snappy, but Latin American governments rarely are that. If anything, this is superiorly sophisticated to what one might expect. The new logo is more flag than logo with a redrawn coat of arms that is more readable in one color than the last iteration but when made small it squishes like a bug on a windshield. The custom typography is nice… That’s really all I can muster about it, not because there is anything wrong about it, it just blends nicely with the whole identity without calling too much attention to itself.

Government of Chile Visual Identity on Issuu.

Government of Chile

The whole system is very well thought out and it’s nice to see this level of attention to design at the government level. Whether one aligns to said government’s principles and agenda is another issue, one that goes beyond custom sans serif type families and YouTube identity videos.

Thanks to Nicolas Suarez Saieh for first tip.

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