Indio, Follow-up

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the package redesign of Mexican beer, Indio. The design credit was attributed to Mexico City-based Olabuenaga Chemistri but that was incorrect, they are the local advertising agency that did the roll-out. For the record, the proper credit goes to London-based Bulletproof. Official project description and images included in this post.

Tony Connor, Design Director at Bulletproof, explains: “From the outset our intention was to create a strong brand identity for Indio that would become instantly recognizable and bring the brand’s personality to life. The Sunstone inspired identity takes its inspiration from Aztec calendars — embedding elements of discovery within the dial, each icon represents a different product, brand or consumer truth. Cuauhtémoc takes a confident new stance illustrated in the bold colors of the Mexican flag. While not forgetting the rich Indio brand heritage, the new identity conveys a progressive spirit, inspiring consumers to search for things that are not instantly identifiable — “La cosa es buscarle” (the point is to search).”
Bulletproof Project Description

Indio, Follow-up

Indio, Follow-up

Indio, Follow-up

Indio, Follow-up

More images here.

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