Friday Likes 01

Trying something new today. Every now and then I run into or am tipped about very cool projects that don’t necessarily fit within the review process. These projects are usually for smaller businesses, services, or products and are done by smaller design firms or individual designers. So every now and then I’ll gather some of my favorites and post on Fridays. You can like or dislike in the votes.

Top Hops

Friday Likes 01

Stunning and diverse range of typography by Helms Worskhop for Top Hops, “a culture-center for craft beer in Manhattan.” [More]


Jacu Coffee Roastery

Friday Likes 01

The name and logo for Jacu Coffee Roastery in Norway are based on the Jacu bird, a crazy coffee-bean-pooping animal. Serious. As explained by Tom Emil Olsen, the designer of this great simple identity: “It flies from coffee plantation to coffee plantation and picks and eats the tastiest coffee cherries. The fruit makes its way through the bird’s digestive system, and the seeds of the fruit — coffee beans — come out perfectly processed.” [More]


Angry File

Friday Likes 01

I don’t know what it is, but I just love this logo. It is what it is: An angry file. And the world is a better place for it. Designed by Warsaw, Poland-based Redkroft for Angry File, an online backup application. [More]

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