Friday Likes

Today I went with three selections from the winners of the 2011 Brand New Awards. There are plenty others I like obviously, so these are just a sampling. Plus: no beer-like this Friday.

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

Friday Likes

Anything drawn well in line-art will always get my attention and this handsome coffee-loving pirate, with his swirly beard with ball terminals, had me at “Ar.” Designed by Seattle, WA-based Partly Sunny for neighboring Tacoma-based Bluebeard Coffee Roasters. You can see some applications at Bluebeard’s site if you wait for the slideshow to play.


La Vittoria

Friday Likes

La Vittoria is an annual fundraising gala dinner that benefits the Marie-Vincent Fondation. For this edition, it featured two guest chefs, one from New York and one from Paris. The identity, designed by Montréal-based lg2 boutique reflects the meeting of both worlds. The biggest feat here is not just designing a full identity with clear contrast in styles to define NY vs. Paris but it’s actually like designing two whole identity systems. [More]


Volocopter VC1

I love animations where the logo appears as if from nothing or where it disappears into the ether. This animation does both. Created by Danny Warner of Pakaste-Warner Design for German upstart e-volo, this animation is as bad-ass as their VC1, a vertical take-off and landing aircraft — see it in action here.

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