Friday Likes 06

An eclectic combination of 8-bit video games, salty chips, and Catalan wines. Sounds like the ingredients for a good Friday.


Friday Likes 01

To be released in November, Wreck-It-Ralph is a Disney animated motion picture focusing on Ralph, who plays the wrecking bad guy in an 8-bit arcade game but grows tired of his role and escapes the game to become a good guy. Michael Doret created the title logo, a wonderful homage to 8-bit graphics. Michael shares his process and sketches at the “more” link. And you can see how it animates at the end of the trailer at the movie’s website. [More]


John & John Potato Crisps

Friday Likes 01

Turning to a little bit of packaging this Friday and just reacting to both the prettiness and boldness of these bags: John & John Potato Crisps, designed by Hamburg-based Peter Schmidt Group combine a bunch of elements that, in theory, shouldn’t work well together but surprisingly do. [More]


Catalan Wines

Friday Likes 01Friday Likes 01

I love complex and layered identities and this one for a promotional project that “aims to improve the consumption and the presence of the local wines at catalan cellars and restaurants.” Designed by Barcelona-based Toormix, the identity mixes a wonderful range of icons based on the terrains and weather conditions of different varietals and then overlays them on topographic textures and then it’s all kinds of wonderful. You have to see the “more” link to get the full scope. [More]

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