Friday Likes

Some international flavor this week, with work from Mexico, Spain, and Estados Unidos. Don’t forget to click on the “More” links to see all the work.

Dan Arisa


If Batman-style onomatopoeias and the sounds of Stomp had a baby it would be this identity by Barcelona-based Alex Dalmau for musician and percussionist Dan Arisa. It looks like everything’s done using one or two rubber stamps too, making it quite affordable. Kapow! [More]


Sofia by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects


Sofia is a high-end development in San Pedro, Mexico designed by renown architect Cesar Pelli offering luxury residences and office space. The gorgeous identity was designed by Nuevo León, Mexico-based Anagrama (one of my favorite design firms). [More]


f8 Developers Conference

2011 f8 Conference

Last September Facebook’s f8 Developers Conference celebrated its fourth and biggest year with an exhaustive identity and set of materials designed by their now famous in-house team, including 2011 Brand New Conference speaker Ben Barry. The identity draws inspiration “from the visual and theoretical works of Buckminster Fuller and Stewart Brand as well is the beauty of platonic solids” and then it explodes it into a bundle of awesomeness. [More]

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