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We cover it all, from all corners of the world: cooking magazines from Ukraine, hot dogs from North Carolina, and bike polo players from Spain.

Ab Ovo Magazine

Ab Ovo

I’m not quite sure if this is real or not — due to the amount of stuff and some of the embossing in the applications I’m going on a limb and thinking it is — but that wouldn’t deter me from gorging on the delectable identity designed by Kiev, Ukraine-based Irene Shkarovska for Ab Ovo (meaning “from the egg”) magazine, a Russian cooking popular science publication. You can also see concept covers and the first prototype issue here. [More]


JJ’s Red Hots

JJ's Red Hots

Expanding his mastery of designing for American diet staples — donuts, check and check — Matt Stevens has done this great identity for Charlotte, NC-based hot dog joint JJ’s Red Hots, featuring a devilish hot dog and a pretty comprehensive range of applications, merchandise, and, not to be missed, individual logo/badges for each of the nine specialty hot dogs. Red hot, baby! [ More Part I / More Part II]


Scienpology / Cienpología

Scienpology / Cienpología

This looks to be for pure fun: a logo by Madrid, Spain-based Sants Serif for playing polo on a bicycle and treating it like a religion. Riffing off Scientology, the name is hilariously simple and amazingly bilingual. The logo uses a science-y eye and changes the retina to a bike wheel and uses the mallets to give it that International Hipster Style that’s all the rage these days, except this is done with a very knowing wink. [More]

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