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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2015 by Armin

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From colorful and chipper to dark and gloomy to clever and minimal, we have a little of everything this week with work from Lima, Stockholm, and Salvador.

PerúDesignNet by Infinito

PerúDesignNetby Infinito

PerúDesignNet is an initiative by PromPerú and IED Madrid to generate and present design-led ideas around the themes of gastronomy, crafts, and tourism related to Perú, culminating in a week-long celebration this past November. The identity, by Lima-based Infinito, references Peruvian textiles in a colorful and vibrant contemporary take. The name of the initiative is cleverly rendered using a limited range of geometric shapes and line patterns that, which each word used at different sizes, create a great range of textures. The color palette is the perfect combination to make all the elements come together. See full project

Bord 13 by Snask

Bord 13 by Snask

Bord 13 is restaurant and wine bar in Malmö, Sweden, focusing on contemporary cuisine. “Bord” means Table in Swedish and, like elevators that skip floor 13, some restaurants don’t have a number-13 table to serve, a taboo that Stockholm-based Snask latched on to name the restaurant and design its almost-gloomy identity. Set against some odd illustrations by Emilie Florin the monochromatic identity is spare and slightly enigmatic. I probably could have done without the illustrations as they feel distracting and the fuzzy, stencil Bord 13 logo by itself is distinctive and interesting enough. See full project

Via Bahia by Raimundo Britto

Via Bahia by Raimundo Britto

This is only a proposal by Salvador, Brazil-based Raimundo Britto and not a real project for Via Bahia, a road/highway company, which is sad, because it’s effin’ genius or I have somehow missed someone else having figured out this visual pun before. “Via” means Road in English and a lot of important roads in Latin America are called Via This or Via That, they can be one-lane small roads or larger highway-ish roads. Raimundo has simplified and abstracted the name to reference the middle lane stripes of a road and showing one element going in one direction and the other element in the opposite direction, served perfectly by a “V” and an “A”. It’s such a simple and clever idea and it’s been executed exactly as it needed to be. The application images are pretty bad and clunky but that logo tho. See full project

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