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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2016 by Armin

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Lots of fun typography and fun with typography this week, with work from Sydney, Adelaide, and Stuttgart.

151 Property by Futurebrand (Sydney)

151 Property by Futurebrand (Sydney)

151 Property is a Sydney-based developer that transforms “undervalued assets” and transforms them into well-valued retail, office, or industrial spaces. Previously named Valad, 151 Properties has a clever new logo designed by the local Futurebrand team that I find completely fascinating. First, you have to not call the company Onefiftyone but One Five One and let the construction of the logo sink in for a second. It’s such a great idea and perfectly executed. It’s also a nice metaphor for what he company does: taking something that exists and transforming it. The applications are attractive as well with an unexpected combo of copper, black, and cobalt blue. See full project

Robinson’s by Parallax

Robinson's by Parallax

Robinson’s is a car accident repair service shop in Adelaide, Australia. (I should say was, as the business has since merged with another business that has a logo that’s an accident of its own.) If you’ve ever been to a car repair shop and I’m betting you have, I’m also betting you have never seen a car repair shop with a logo as kick-ass as Robinson’s. Designed by local firm, Parallax, the mono-thickness, script logo has a wonderful lo-fi, sci-fi, car-lettering vibe that is (clearly) hard to describe but easy to enjoy. The execution of the signage, outside and inside is far too cool. See full project

Schmuque by büro uebele

Schmuque by büro uebele

Schmuque is a jewelry line by Stuttgart-based goldsmith, Julia Münzing, who designs some really great and unexpected black-hued pieces. The identity by local firm büro uebele captures the elegant-yet-edgy aesthetic of her work through a stretching, sans serif typeface that starts out like a classic luxury wordmark but then elongates into almost unrecognizable shapes. I’ve always been a sucker for stretchy logos and this one is pretty satisfying most of the time — the “A” in particular doesn’t function as well. The playful typography looks great in applications and the black-and-white approach combined with the thicks-and-thins create great textures not fit for schmucks. See full project

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