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Friday Likes 155

Friday Likes 155




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A wealth of foil stamping and strong typography to end the week with work from Nashville, Cambridge, and Singapore.

Mercer Supply Co. by Peck & Company

Peck & Company

Mercer Supply Co. is a modern barbershop providing “grooming, goods & services for gentlemen who give a damn” in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the state bird is a pelican, which serves as the brand representative for the barbershop. Designed by Nashville, TN-based Peck & Company, the identity features an illustration with an unruly hairdo of its own, beckoning customers perched from a log, and proves that anything can be made classier and cooler with foil stamping. The pelican is complemented by what looks like Alternate Gothic typeset in a lot of uppercase and in a bunch of different serving styles. Overall, the choice of materials and diverse typographic treatments give the barbershop a modern-day Victorian look with a buzz. See full project

Cooke Curtis & Co. by The District

Cooke Curtis & Co. by The District

Cooke Curtis & Co. is a residential property estate agent based in Cambridge, England, established in 2015 with an unexpected — for the industry — contemporary identity designed by local firm The District. Fully typeset in Avenir, the identity is meant to subtly allude to brickwork, which isn’t evident but I’m all for a flexible, playful visual system. (An animated GIF at the project link shows better how the typography beeps and bops). The applications, all in black and white, have a bold elegance to them while the shifting typography adds a bouncy, controlled rhythm. These folks could list my property long time. See full project (Via BP&O)

Chandra by Oddds

Chandra by Oddds

Chandra is a jewelry and apparel fashion brand established in Switzerland, designed by Trang and Aurélien Spiegelberg. In contrast to the barbershop’s rugged pelican, Chandra features a delicate (and totes adorbs) line drawing of a cat with a rose on its head, designed by Singapore-based Oddds. (Check out the rest of their work and site presentation while you are there; pretty sweet.) The big, happy eyes of the cat and resting happy face add a cheerful vibe to the identity that is otherwise minimally elegant and restrained. Once more, foil stamping does the trick and looks particularly good on the black and orange-hued stocks. The extra loosely tracked lowercase serif is the only questionable element but everything else makes me purr with joy. See full project


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