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Reviewed Mar. 4, 2016 by Armin

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Projects with plenty of personality this week, with work from Barcelona, Valencia, and Saint Petersburg.

La Revolución by Javier Arizu, Guillem Casasús, Anna Berbiela, and Carlos Bermúdez

La Revolución by Javier Arizu, Guillem Casasús, Anna Berbiela, and Carlos Bermúdez

La Revolución is a Mexican take-out restaurant in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès, just north of Barcelona, Spain, flinging traditional tacos and non-traditional burritos, all with a revolutionary attitude. Designed by an international roster of designers — two from Barcelona, one from New York, and one from London — the identity revolves around a font that is unusable in most cases as it has plenty of personality: Granite by Alias. Used mostly in red, the typeface takes on an anarchic feel that complements the name of the establishment but being typeset in minimal and stark layouts it also takes on a fun air of sophistication. To add a touch of whimsy, the team photographed classic Mexican (and Tex-Mexican) staples like an exploding Tabasco sauce bottle and a nacho on fire to use on other applications, which all look like fun. Also, that house beer packaging could have been its own Friday Like. Make sure you look through the project page as the photography is superb. See full project

Doctor Manzana by Masquespacio

HDoctor Manzana by Masquespacio

Doctor Manzana (Apple Doctor) is a technical support and repair shop and service in Valencia, Spain, specializing in Apple iPhones and iPads — hence the name — as well as all other smartphones and tablets. The identity by local firm Masquespacio is deceivingly simple, using a single font and single visual element: a 54-degree angle taken from the classic reflection seen on iPhone and iPad product photos. It might not be a self-explanatory concept to its customers but it makes for a fabulously peppy identity that spans everything from bags and boxes to the killer interiors of the shop. Makes you want to drop your phone to have an excuse to go make a house call on Doctor Manzana. (Or you can just go get a case). See full project

Paintkillers Tattoo Club by Eskimo

Paintkillers Tattoo Club by Eskimo

Paintkillers Tattoo Club represents a group of two tattooing studios (with room to expand) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Not concerned with softening the perception of tattooing, local firm Eskimo went for an unapologetically bad-ass, black-on-black look. Mixing a thin condensed sans with a range of Victorian-esque lettering, the applications shine in their production, with different levels of black achieved through different methods. All the elements are maybe a little disparate in style but when it photographs this well, how can you resist? See full project

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