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Friday Likes 21

Friday Likes

Serendipitously, today’s Likes — coming in from New Zealand, Barcelona, and Middle Earth — all share a hand-crafted element to them.

The Great Catering Company

<h1>The Great Catering Company

We’ve seen watercolor-y identities before — especially when it comes to wine or coffee companies — so you might roll your eyes initially at this system of splotchy members of the food pyramid created by New Zealand-based Strategy Design & Advertising for local category company called, um, The Great Catering Company but don’t look away too quickly. These are extra cool as they are not just amorphous, uncontrolled blobs but very cleverly executed fruits and veggies with delicious texture. See the more link for, well, more. The identity gets crisper with the help of Kris Sowersby on the logo’s lettering. Great indeed. [More].


El Palauet

El Palauet

I love me a good hand-made lettering identity — see 2011 BNConf — and this 1-color job by Barcelona-based Marnich for Barcelona-based hotel, El Palauet, is a fantastic, quirky achievement especially when paired with the monospace typewriter font. Kinda hard to make new business cards, but well worth it. [More]


The Woodshed

The Woodshed

Frodo (the artist formerly known as Elijah Wood) has started a production company with director/producers Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller that will focus on horror movies. It is called The Woodshed. Where hot young actors are routinely killed right before or right after they have sex. It’s a great name. And it has been wickedly brought to life by Olly Moss in distressed perfection. The “W” and “S” as wood planks is such a great, simple idea. I only wish they had done a true reverse logo, where it’s not just coloring the logo white on a dark background but keeping the wood slabs, say, a black on black effect with the white creeping through the cracks. Anyway. I like it. There is really not much more to see as it’s just the logo. Or is it? (It is; I was just trying to add suspense. You know, like a horror movie). [More]



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