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Friday Likes 29

Friday Likes Dec. 21, 2012 by Armin

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Friday Likes

The internationalitiness — yes, I know that is not an actual conjugation — of Friday Likes continues with work from Spain, Sweden, and New York.

Latin American Design

Latin American Design

Madrid, Spain-based IS Creative Studio explains that this logo for a newly formed organization to promote Latin American design worldwide represents “that beautiful moment when on a long brainstorming the great idea hits you.” Which is a fine premise but what I love is how it manages to capture the “feel” of a certain kind of Latin American street vernacular through the bright colors and the lightning-bolt-shaped acronym that reference everything from Mexican lucha libre to Peru’s chicha art. It’s not the most sophisticated or clever or groundbreaking logo or identity but it works and it rocks. [More].


Askeroths Trappor och Räcken (Askeroths Stairs and Railings)

Askeroths Trappor och Räcken

This is so simple it hurts. Askeroths is a “Swedish manufacturer specializing in custom built stairs and railings.” The logo — by Stockholm, Sweden-based Bedow — is an abstract profile of a railing and stairs. Against a white backdrop, just like a wall. And you could read the address behind the logo, applied with a rubber stamp, as people going up and down. But that would be a stretch, because this logo is so WYSIWYG it makes the original Mac OS look convoluted. [More]


CXXVI Clothing Co.

CXXVI Clothing Co.

To be honest, this Like has little to do with CXXVI Clothing Co. and more to do with acknowledging some of the comments in last week’s Friday Likes that the Fuel identity by BMD Design was too similar to the work of New York-based Jon Contino. I don’t know if there is any story in there of one copying the other so I’m just here to present both sides of the coin. Indeed, they are pretty similar styles. Each with their own repeating tropes and textures. The good news in this is that both entities do great work and we are all the better for it. Having said all that: do check out the “more” link here as the work is drop-dead-hipster (in the best meaning of it!). [More]



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