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The common theme in this week’s Friday Likes is that some thinking has gone into them — not that past Friday Likes didn’t have any thinking, but these have a stronger bent on concept than usual.



Putting a spin on concept projects, New York-based designer and internet person, Ben Pieratt, has created Hessian, a brand with a fully flexible identity available for sale. For the asking price of $18,000 you get, among other assets: The URL, t-shirt designs, over 20 logo variations, repeating patterns, app icons, brand book with “guiding principles”, and 30 hours of design time to transfer the identity to the new owner. This is part internet-attention-grabbing (which is perfectly acceptable) and part graphic muscle flexing (which is also fine, especially given the fantastic results achieved that channel 1950s modernism, 1980s California New Wave, and 2000s flat minimalism). Hessian is not for everyone, but at $18K it’s a steal and, if you are a client, you don’t have to deal with bitchy designers rolling their eyes at your requests. [More].


The Chain Reaction Project

The Chain Reaction Project

The Chain Reaction Project (TCPR) is a non-profit organization that seeks physical challenges and local organizations that can benefit from their efforts, raising awareness and funds in some of the world’s least-developed nations. For their identity, Singapore-based Bravo Company took Rén, the Chinese character for “people”, to create a simple icon that can then be embedded into any number of Isotype-y icons that reflect the organization’s activities or causes they support. There is a lot of smart thinking in this identity, including a perforated business card that can be torn into four tiny business cards, causing its own chain reaction. [More]




Antwerp, Belgium-based Choco is a creative firm with advertising, design, communication services, and a logo with 9 anchor points and only 5 letters to occupy them, so the letters move around flexibly. The 9-point grid is not totally gratuitous, it is based on the the relation matrix of the agency and you can see it visualized in the header image of this post. True, this could apply to hundreds of businesses, but it’s nicely executed and conceptualized in this identity by Elvire Delanote. [More — click on “Beeld” on the lower left corner]

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