Friday Likes

After a two-week hiatus, Friday Likes are back with colorful, somewhat colorful, and almost not colorful at all projects.

MUSE (Museum of Science)


Set to open this Summer in Trento, Italy with a building designed by Renzo Piano, MUSE will also have a heady new logo and extra colorful identity by Pentagram partner Harry Pearce. While there are reasons why I shouldn’t like this — mainly the Helvetica and the distorted shapes of the Helvetica (as if it weren’t ugly enough already) — but the result is extremely appealing. For lack of a better description, there is a very science-y tension created by the exaggerated perspective of the logo, it’s like a typographic experiment in progress. In application the logo works even better in tandem with science images and bold colors, adding depth and dimension without resorting to gradients or other cheap tricks. [More].


Elbow Room

Elbow Room

Launched last year with three locations — in Newark, NJ; in Brooklyn, NY; and inside the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn — the Elbow Room specializes in, wait for it, “Mac and Cheese as the common denominator” with all kinds of twists to this decadent food staple. The logo and identity, designed by Brooklyn-based mgmt. signal that this isn’t your typical mac and cheese but a contemporary, smooth interpretation. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for script logos that use a single thickness and this one doesn’t disappoint. [More]


Musikkens Hus (House of Music)

Musikkens Hus

For his thesis project at the Danish School of Media, Julian Hansen chose to create an identity for Musikken Hus in Aalborg, Denmark that will house the Aalborg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Music Conservatory of Aalborg and the Institute of Music of Aalborg University. “Inspired by the way nodes jump about on a node sheet,” explains Julian “I made a dynamic logo and a typographic system to match that was inspired by this. The result is a visual identity that is dynamic and ever changeable, just like the building itself. It’s also a visual identity in which the design itself takes the place of the logo.” Using his own typeface, Zimmer, the identity is remarkably market-ready despite being a student project. It’s a great blend of 1950s Swiss typography and 2010s minimalist hipsterism — both descriptions meant as a compliment. [More]

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