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Friday Likes 45

Friday Likes May. 17, 2013 by Armin

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Friday Likes

Backgrounds of lightly-colored hues abound in this week’s Friday Likes with work from the UK, Russia, and Greece.

Potwash Josh

Potwash Josh

The task for this student project was to “make a seemingly un-brandable field of work appear extremely professional.” Preston, UK-based Sam Sharples chose the field of washing pots for fictional industry superstar “Potwash John”. Being student work there are a few details about the identity that are a little undercooked, but the main visual device of the pink and blue plastic against light blue and pink backgrounds respectively truly elevate this humble pot washer into a fashionable brand. The humor of the concept and execution are scrubby-good. [More].




Meaning “raspberry” in Russian, Malina is a new internet television channel that “depicts and is intended for those whose life is bright and successful.” What I understand is that the programming is led by experts in their fields, including “deputies, ministers, businessmen, renowned musicians and public figures” that serve as hosts and journalists. Yekaterinburg, Russia-based StreetArt created an explosive identity around the color of raspberry, instead of trying to include the raspberry somewhere in there. It’s hip, it’s internet-ey, it has the professionalism of a regular TV channel, and it sometimes goes boom — see animations at the link. [More]


Elina’s Bakery

Elina's bakery

Baking goodies from her home in Athens, Greece, Elina Smith’s logo is as charming as a baby cupcake. Mixing an oven with a roof’s house, the message couldn’t be clearer: homemade. It’s not a perfect logo, it’s perhaps a little too thick, with some of the corners getting a little mushy but it’s a real tasty idea. The logo and identity, designed by local designers George Strouzas and Konstantina Yiannakopoulou, are printed on lightly-colored hued papers and is complemented by an illustration of lots of big buildings, which seem like another project altogether but I guess they do sort of help offset the little house as something special among the city’s bustle. [More]



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