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Friday Likes 47

Friday Likes May. 31, 2013 by Armin

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Friday Likes

From Germany to Hungary to Singapore, a lot of good thinking in this edition of Friday Likes.

Haus der Kunst

Haus der Kunst

Haus der Kunst

Relative to how recent I like to keep the projects shown on Brand New, this one is from like the Jurassic era. 2011. Not sure how I missed it at the time. Interestingly it sort of precedes the 2012/13 trend of minimalist black-and-white museum identities. For Haus der Kunst, a non-collecting public museum in Munich, Base Design created an “elastic” logo with fixed letters at the start and end of the name with wacko kerning inside it, alluding to the “flexibility, resilience, and adaptability” of the museum. I could look at the above GIF all day. And, obviously, major bonus points for not using Helvetica. [More].


Csaba Mózes

Csaba Mózes

For Csaba Mózes, a professional masseur who has been blind since birth, Budapest-based Zwoelf created an identity with a pattern based on pressure points and the movements he uses during a massage. The resulting identity feels a little too trendy and techie for a masseur but the concept and idea is as strong as a knot on your neck right before a client presentation. To help Csaba appreciate the design, Zwoelf tricked out some of the materials with colorless relief paint gel so that he could feel the pattern. [More]




Located in Singapore’s financial district, Foodology is a food emporium that doubles as a restaurant and marketplace and covers every gastronomic taste. For their identity, local firm Somewhere Else created an academic-like seal to represent the ology-ness of the name and then went all flexible with the five different “o”s using abstract representations. The seal and the wordmark could use a little more unity but both are fetching and the whole project is a very comprehensive effort. [More]



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