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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2013 by Armin

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We have plenty of patterns and fun things (and serious things) to keep you busy this Friday with work from Québec, New York, and Copenhagen.

Bingo du Coeur by Parallèle

Bingo du Coeur by Parallèle

This will probably be the best identity you’ve ever seen for a Bingo joint, which may not be saying much but this identity by Québec-based Parallèle for local Bingo du Coeur (Bingo for the Heart, or Bingo with Heart, or Heart Bingo?) definitely has, um, heart. The basic logo (seen on their website or full project) is simple and pretty to look at, perfectly balanced with only two elements. From there, the identity explodes into, perhaps, a few too many graphic styles and Las Vegas-like treatments but it manages to stay cool and festive. They have a fun TV spot too. See full project.

Speak Up Africa by DIA

Speak Up Africa by DIA

“The logo mark nods to speech and sound with the use of wave forms,” explains New York, NY-based DIA, “while being contained within the iconic shape of the African continent.” The great thing about this logo for Speak Up Africa, a creative communications and advocacy agency for child health, is that the explanation is not needed at all — when paired with the name, the logo speaks for itself. It’s instantly understandable. It’s simple. It looks great on application, big or small. We hear ya, loud and clear. See full project.

B&U by Hvass&Hannibal

B&U by Hvass & Hannibal

For the children’s department at Copenhagen’s central library, Hovedbiblioteket, local firm Hvass&Hannibal has created a delightful and playful mini identity with all kinds of shapes and colors to form patterns and characters and, yeah, that’s it. No big scientific explanation here, it’s just something uplifting to look at. My only question, not answered anywhere, is what “B&U” stands for… Bibliotek and You? If so, yes, you can count me in. See full project.

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