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Friday Likes 80




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We go from ornate to minimal and from serious to funny to serious to funny with work from Minneapolis, London, and Melbourne.

Mrs. Weinstein’s by Studio MPLS

Mrs. Weinstein's by Studio MPLS

Toffee is not for everyone — I can say that as a fact because, despite my sweet tooth, I do not like toffee — but this new packaging system by Minneapolis, MN-based Studio MPLS for 50-year-old confectioner, Mrs. Weinstein’s, would have me stuffing my face with toffee if it tasted as good in my mouth as that line-based typography feels on my eyes. The supporting typography, decorative lines, and rough texture all add up for a great system that looks both traditional and contemporary. See full project

Blustin Design by Mind Design

Blustin Design by Mind Design

For London-based architecture and interiors firm, Blustin Design, (who still seem to have their late 1990s website with Flash, bitmap fonts and all), local firm, Mind Design, took inspiration from the different hatch patterns used in architectural plans to denote different materials and surfaces like brick, wood, grass, rocks, etc. The result is a friendly identity system with plenty of texture and an almost irreverent attitude from promoting those simplistic patterns to something more official. See full project.

Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation by Studio Jane

Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation by Studio Jane

UK foundation Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation focuses on raising awareness of early signs of testicular, prostate, breast, and skin cancer, and its logo gets right to the heart of it. Literally. Designed by Melbourne, Australia-based Studio Jane, the logo transforms from a smiling, winking heart to a pair of hairy testicles to a pair of non-hairy breasts. It’s charming and smart and it doesn’t tiptoe around the issue: you have to care for your balls and boobs. A big round of applause to the client for adopting a solution that few other clients would take. See full project.


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