From Dániel Nagy, Trüf, and Lo Siento

Friday Likes 99

Friday Likes 99




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Plenty of rich, textural work today on Friday Likes with work from Budapest, Santa Monica, and Barcelona.

Lamantin by Dániel Nagy

For his thesis project at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Dániel Nagy decided to redesign the real-life Lamantin Jazz Festival which, as you can see, isn’t very exciting. To capture the improvisational nature of Jazz, Dániel created a generative wordmark that reacts to sound, by distributing “the different hertz values among the letters of the word ‘LAMANTIN’,” where “every time a certain value is sounded, the corresponding character springs into motion. The movement’s intensity is dictated by the volume of the note.” You can get a taste in the video above but to really appreciate the nuance with which the letters react you can see a working sample here with preloaded jazz tunes and/or input from your microphone. The wordmark itself is quite nice and Dániel has built a comprehensive system around it that’s well worth a look. See full project

Echo Capital by Trüf

Echo Capital by Trüf

With offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Echo Capital is an investment firm focusing on investing in young entrepreneurial types and its minimal logo and identity have been designed by Santa Monica, CA-based Trüf. Avoiding “echo-o-o-o-o” clichés, the identity has a fresh, contemporary feel through an elegant color palette and engaging set of patterns made out of squares and circles. I love how the logo takes some actual effort to decipher and it doesn’t take any shortcuts to do it. The website is pretty snazzy too. See full project.

Bar Brutal by Lo Siento

Bar Brutal by Lo Siento

I was on the fence about posting this identity and restaurant graphics for Bar Brutal in Barcelona, designed by local firm Lo Siento. We’ve seen the painterly approach before and probably done more ambitiously but that brush “B” is to die for and the sign painting on the windows oozes vernacular charm. (The text in the image above, by the way, translates loosely into “To cool the belly”). The identity goes into a few other brush styles but the most effective and attractive is definitely the condensed sans where the height of the letters break up the streak of the brush in very sexy ways. See full project here.


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