7up Logo, Before and After

There isn’t much to be introduced about 7up, the lemon-lime concoction offered by Pepsi that competes against Coca-Cola’s Sprite. I don’t like soda to begin with and lemon-lime sodas just taste like fermented bubbled water, so my connoisseurship in the realm of lemon-lime-soda-branding is limited. What I will say is that, in trying to look for a “before” image, 7up has one of the most voluble logos with at least five or six different variations coming up as “7up logo” in Google Images — for that reason, please note the above image is not “Before/After” but “American/German.” Anyway… In Germany, a new logo and packaging for 7up was introduced to the market late last year. There is no information to go from, other than the German 7up website.



7up has never been known for its design pedigree, it’s just the typical soda schlock design that comes a dime a dozen. This new look, while still carrying some obligatory bevels and shading, is a relatively remarkable upgrade for its simplicity and constraint. What I like the most is how it is able to reduce the footprint of the logo by combining the recognizable red dot with the “UP.” The packaging, while also carrying the obligatory faux bubbles and Jupiter-sized slices of citrus, feels more contemporary, fresh, and lemon-limey. We’ll see if this German look moves across the rest of the countries, as it is a better look but probably not for all markets, i.e., America.


Thanks to Lee Barnsley for the tip.

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