Harrison's Fund Logo, New

Established this year, Harrison’s Fund is a new charity in the UK created to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy — an affliction most common in boys who first show signs at toddler age and whose muscles will give in by the time they are teenagers or in their early twenties. The fund is named after the founders’ son, 5-year-old Harrison Smith, diagnosed in 2011. Their new logo was created by London-based Pearlfisher.

The identity is inspired by Harrison Smith’s ‘playful spirit’, with the smiley face icon formed from the dot of the ‘i’ and the apostrophe in his name; and the bright blue and orange colour palette reflecting his character.

Alex Smith, founder of Harrison’s Fund adds, ‘As a charity we want to be a breath of fresh air, whilst this is a very serious cause, currently with a bleak outlook, we are always, and always will be, up-beat, vibrant, fun, bold and enthusiastic….just like Donna, myself, Harrison and our youngest William.’
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Harrison's Fund Logo, New

As the quote says above, this is a serious and bleak issue, but you can’t help crack a smile when you see the logo and realize that the smiley face’s eyes serve as the tittle of the “i” and the apostrophe, which is winking at you. It’s a devilishly smart visual concept. I just wish the execution would have been a little better. The smile feels too forced into the letters, especially when it just lands on top of the “s”. The left eye, while positioned properly in relation to the smile, is just slightly off center as the tittle. Granted, it’s a hard visual puzzle to put together, but perhaps one more round would have been beneficial. Nonetheless, an uplifting and optimistic logo for a cause that needs as many supporters as it can get and if that takes a logo that sticks its tongue out at you then so be it!

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