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Hebrew Literal Typographic Translations

Reviewed Apr. 17, 2012 by Armin

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Oded Ezer Class

One of the most visited posts in the now inactive Brand New Classroom was a collection of popular logos recreated in Hebrew typography, an assignment given by master Hebrew typographer Oded Ezer in his advanced typography class at H.I.T (Holon Institute of Technology), Visual Communication Department, in Israel. Oded and his students are back with nine more literal typographic translations of a Latin, Arabic, or Japanese logo in Hebrew.

By investigating and understanding the very basic structures and architectures of the Hebrew letters, the task was to match — stylistically — the 2 languages, but without forcing the Hebrew to look like English, Arabic or Japanese letters. It sounds easy, but it’s not. The students simply did a very good job here.
— Oded Ezer


Oded Ezer Class

Alice in Wonderland (Hebrew version) by Doron Baduch

Oded Ezer Class

Disney (Hebrew version) by Daniela Geigner

Oded Ezer Class

Leffe (Hebrew version) by Ben Gilboa

Oded Ezer Class

Lübzer (Hebrew version) by Hadar Tal Yosef

Oded Ezer Class

Pinterest (Hebrew version) by lizzy Ezra

Oded Ezer Class

Walkman (Hebrew version) by Dana Levy


Oded Ezer Class

Al Jazeera (Hebrew version) done by Oded Ezer as a demonstration for the students.

Oded Ezer Class

Elaf (Hebrew version) by lizzy Ezra

Oded Ezer Class

Zaytoon (Hebrew version) by Doron Baduch


Oded Ezer Class

Pokemon (Hebrew version) by Doron Porat



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