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By now pretty much everyone knows I’m not the biggest fan of the Brooklyn Nets logo. I’ll admit that, despite my regard for the execution of the logo(s), the approach and strategy are right on cue, if a little too hip-hop for its own good — feelings captured ever so by this “Open” that plays across the arena during player introductions at home games. Created by Los Angeles, CA-based TheFamousGroup with an original song, called “Brooklyn” (what else?), by ex-Fugee John Forté, “The film adheres to the Nets’ iconic black & white branding, shot entirely in b&w and featuring players dressed in white shirts and black suits and ties.” Kinda catchy and cool, although at points it’s hard to remember if you are watching an ad for an NBA team or a men’s fashion line. You can see a full-screen optimized version here.

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