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It’s not everyday that a brand consultancy publishes a 482-page book, but also not every brand consultancy has been around for 30 years. Happy Accidents, published by Graphis (although not available for purchase at their site or Amazon) chronicles “Three Decades of Design and Discovery” of the Seattle-based firm Hornall Anderson. Although there is emphasis on newer work, the book does include some great 1990s work — some of which was eye-opening for me at the time — including the Jamba Juice identity, Smith packaging (not a single annual then didn’t include this one), and the Seattle Supersonics identity. The book itself is a great piece of work, with exposed binding, multiple ribbon bookmarks, and a USB drive integrated into the cover. I’ll try to track down a way of ordering the book and update the post. A few more pictures of the book are available here.

Update: The book will be available on Graphis in a few weeks and will retail for $160. In the meantime, you may e-mail if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

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