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In Brief: Tropicana Hits Command-Z

Reviewed Feb. 23, 2009 by Armin

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Tropicana Old and New

“I’m incredibly surprised by the reaction,” added [Peter Arnell], referring to the complaints about his agency’s design work, but “I’m glad Tropicana is getting this kind of attention.” Um, yeah, it’s the wrong kind of attention, the kind you would never want your client to get because of your work. Way to work the press. In terms of design justice coming down upon crappy design, this day is as big as it gets. Every year from here henceforth, on February 23rd, corporations should be allowed to take back a design mistake and repent… a branding Yom Kippur if you will.

Apologies for the late start this morning, major server issues. Photo by Flickr user justinlai.



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