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About: “Izmir is a historical metropolis in the western extremity of Anatolia and the third most populous city in Turkey with nearly 4 million inhabitants. It is widely believed that Homer lived and wrote ‘The Odyssey’ in Izmir. The city has been one of the principal mercantile cities of the Mediterranean Sea for much of its history. Over the last two decades, Istanbul remerged as the financial, social, and cultural capital of Turkey, attracting the creative class of Izmir. As a response, in 2010 the Izmir Development Agency embarked on a city marketing strategy and kick started Turkey’s first city branding project. As a result, I Mean It Creative was commissioned in 2012 to create the visual and verbal identity of Izmir.”

Design by: I Mean It Creative

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The logo is based on a Nazar ornament, an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. Nazar, also known as the evil eye, is a highly popular talisman that can be found anywhere from Greece to Afghanistan. However, the blue amulet is primarily identified with two Nazark�y villages in Izmir. The Nazar amulet can be used everywhere from being pinned to the clothes of babies to built into the foundation of modern office buildings. Turkish people believe that the evil eye amulet protects you, your house, your office, and your beloved ones. Emrah Y�cel, the owner of I Mean It Creative said, “We think that thanks to its foreword-looking people and pioneer mentality, Izmir is the Nazar of Turkey, protecting the country from falling behind in a global world.”

Izmir’s logo contains layers of meaning. He said that the brand values that were stated in the City Marketing Plan were translated into shapes and colours. The dark-blue crescent symbolizes the Mediterranean Sea and the city’s connection to the Mediterranean culture. Light blue symbolizes air and joy of life, which is something Izmir’s inhabitants are known for. White, like the snow symbolizes wholeness, unity and a harmonious life. Finally, yellow symbolizes the Sun, the endless energy and determination of Izmir to be at the forefront.





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