Mindtree Logo, Before and After

Established in 1999, Mindtree is a global information technology solutions company with 11,000 employees across 24 offices around the world providing services like infrastructure management, application development, business technology consulting, and more. Last week Mindtree introduced a new identity designed by the Los Angeles, CA, office of Siegel+Gale.

Mindtree Logo and Identity

Mindtree Logo and Identity

Old website and brochure. (Not designed by S+G).

Mindtree Logo and Identity

Mindtree Logo and Identity

It’s hard to tell what the old logo was. I’m sure there is a beautiful story to tell about its meaning but I’m too distraught by the blue-on-red, falling-metheor, ultra-spaced-Times for it to matter. It’s always amazing to see XL corporations like Mindtree using such weird logos. In its defense, it did portray a different kind of IT company, a more artistic one, less corporate one. The new logo is infinitely more corporate and perhaps more expected but it still manages to feel different and not ordinary. The icon, despite being a globe of some kind, has a lovely texture and soft execution that manages to make it look both “techie” and friendly. The color gradients are subtle and I bet the icon looks as great, if not better, without them as the shapes do a very good job in depicting volume. The wordmark is also a very pleasant surprise, stepping away from the typical sans serif and, like the logo, strikes a good balance between friendliness and engineering-ness in a gray color that feels accessible without resorting to full-on rounded, all-lowercase letters. In application (on the images here and on the website) the identity gets more corporate and less exciting with the heavy use of colored bar patterns that completely go against the flow of the icon. Something less constrictive would have been welcome. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful mark and a vast improvement over its predecessor.

Mindtree Logo and Identity

Mindtree Logo and Identity

Mindtree Logo and Identity

Thanks to Shalin A Jose for first tip.

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