MyFonts Logo, Before and After

With an ever growing library of more than 62,000 typefaces from more than 400 foundries and designers, MyFonts has been one of the most comprehensive shopping spots on the web since its launch in 1999. It’s also been one of the easiest, friendliest and most accessible for designers and non-designers alike with its simple and ample tag references and categories. But for all its usability features, the design, well, sucked. With vast apologies to the original designer, but the look and feel of the web site (original here), the logo and all the related typography and visuals felt more appropriate to Chuck E. Cheese than a type reseller. First introduced in print materials at TypeCon this past July, MyFonts unveiled a new logo, and this past month launched a beta version of its web site.

MyFonts Logo, Detail

Designed by Underware in the Netherlands, the new logo (or wordmark to be more specific) tackles a rather challenging task: Which typeface do you use for a company that represents thousands of them? Simply, you don’t. The custom lettering approach is just exactly what MyFonts needed, as it stands for a representation of the craft of creating letters and who better to do it than the crafty folks of Underware.

The new MyFonts logotype is made with a broom instead of a brush. It has a secret bonus for those who get it, but still functions as a contemporary hand-painted logo for those who don’t. As any detailed explanation would ruin the magic, we’ll leave it at that.

After working most of last night into the wee hours I can’t really figure out what this “secret bonus” is, so anyone that wants to entertain the challenge, go ahead. The logo also serves as a handsome punctuation mark in a remarkably amazing upgrade of the web site, which is simple, useful and pretty to look at. This is a great redesign to satisfy some of the most stringent users online: Us.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip. And thank you for your patience with the low content this week. We are back in business and content should flow regularly now.

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