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New Logo and Identity for Edge Hosting by Necon



Noted Feb. 2, 2016 by Armin

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Edge Hosting was founded in 1998 with a vision of bringing ‘Outcomes Based’ thinking into the world of managed hosting before the concept of managed hosting even existed. We are a solution oriented managed hosting provider that delivers beyond servers, cores, gigs, and bandwidth. Edge understands your workloads; then designs, implements and operates dependable, scalable and secure infrastructure 24/7. We currently manage, host and oversee thousands of servers, tens of thousands of sites for well known brands, SaaS applications and sites that you use every day.”

Design by

Necon (Wrocław, Poland)

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We’ve put the old logo and all new concepts on trial and found a solution that doesn’t ignore the company’s heritage on one hand and makes it look more experienced, mature and worth much more. A green dot was just enough and just right for the job of conveying Edge’s values as the key element of the new logo as well as the entire identity system.

Necon project page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Edge Hosting by Necon
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for Edge Hosting by Necon
Brand book.
Pattern animations.
New Logo and Identity for Edge Hosting by Necon
New Logo and Identity for Edge Hosting by Necon
Business card.
New Logo and Identity for Edge Hosting by Necon
New Logo and Identity for Edge Hosting by Necon
Icons and app.

Even though we all know it, it's still always surprising how a little editing, pruning, and tightening can make a huge difference. This evolution maintains the basis of the old logo but drops the crappy server illustrations, brightens and emboldens the dot, and cleans up the typography. The Spotify-green dot, looking like a power-on indicator, stands out quite nicely and plays well with the wordmark that has a great rhythm in part thanks to the great combination of letters in the name. The "HOSTING" bit is subtle and well tucked into the wordmark, maintaining continuity from the old logo. The applications look techie and new but without looking like Tron and the dot pattern adds a good complementary texture. Overall, a mature and clean look for an industry that's typically garish and heavy-handed on the tech vibe.

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