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New Logo and Identity for Mediacorp by Bonsey Design



Reviewed Dec. 9, 2015 by Armin

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Established in 1963, Mediacorp is the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore, running eight TV channels, thirteen radio stations, seven online publications, and twelve printed magazines. Earlier this week at the opening of its new 800,000-square-foot campus, Mediacorp introduced a new identity designed by local firm Bonsey Design.

CEO Shaun Seow said he hoped the logo’s rich colours and texture, a significant departure from its monochromatic precedent, will help project Mediacorp’s vibrancy and its multiplicity of talent, media and experiences. In a nod to Mediacorp’s dual roles of commercial media house and public service broadcaster, Mr Seow added, “Our new logo’s rich palette also channels Singapore’s cultural smorgasbord. Even as we innovate to meet changing needs, we strive to bind our society together, like how the colours in the letter M come together holistically.”

Mediacorp press release

New Logo and Identity for Mediacorp by Bonsey Design
Logo detail.
“See Us In A New Light” TV spot. Logo animation at the end.

I’m not sure what it is about the old logo but there is something I like about it that would have been interesting to see evolved with the help of a bad-ass type designer or letterer. Nonetheless, it’s an old-looking logo and with the advent of a mega building there is a need for a mega logo, delivered in the form of a multi-gradient monogram “M”. Maybe I’m getting soft or more forgiving but… I don’t hate it and could even possibly say I like it. Of all the gradient applications for logos this feels more on purpose and generates some interesting textures and color clashes that result in a festive-looking logo that still manages to feel overlord-y. The wordmark… I’ve never liked this Dax-esque structure so this still gets no commendation from my part other than saying it looks corporate. I wish the animation of the logo were more related to the logo somehow and not just the gratuitous colored glass effect that suddenly flashes into the final file.

New Logo and Identity for Mediacorp by Bonsey Design
New Logo and Identity for Mediacorp by Bonsey Design
New Logo and Identity for Mediacorp by Bonsey Design
Online presence.
New Logo and Identity for Mediacorp by Bonsey Design
Steps at the new corporate campus. (Source)

Not much in application and what little there is isn’t very exciting and may even take away from the potential of the logo. The gradient rays on the stationery are quite lame. I would have loved to see the identity go in the direction of whatever the heck is going on in the steps on the new campus because that is the right kind of cray-cray. Overall, everything seems par for the course for a large media conglomerate.

Thanks to George Tan for the tip.

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