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New Logo and On-Air Look for Canal Q by Silvio Teixeira, HomemBala, Nuno Alves, and Moullinex



Reviewed Apr. 3, 2014 by Armin

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Launched in 2010, Canal Q is a Portuguese television channel available on two of the larger cable providers in Portugal, MEO and ZON. Canal Q focuses on original programming, much of it host-driven, in the realms of humor, entertainment, and information, and describes itself as a channel “under construction, but particularly in deconstruction”. Mainstream series and movies complete the programming. Last month, Canal Q introduced a new logo and on-air package designed in collaboration by Silvio Teixeira, HomemBala, Nuno Alves (custom typography), and Moullinex (music).

The logo was made to work as a “movie set”, so in application it represents a stage. All the decisions throughout the design process were made with the goal of having a simple and powerful “real-life” use of the logo. The stage is an open source tool that can be used by the channel’s team to further develop the brand’s identity. The process happened almost in-house with a close relationship with the Channel and a big support from its the technical team.

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New Logo and On-Air Look for Canal Q by Silvio Teixeira, HomemBala, Nuno Alves, and Moullinex
Logo detail with animation of some notes on its construction. Rollover to stop on the notes.

There is something really ugly about that “Q” but I find it irresistibly appealing. There is a blunt, unpolished quality to it that gives it the necessary quirk to represent the programming shown on the channel. Where the previous logo tried to look forward-thinking or edgy or futuristic, this one embraces the more hands-on approach and construction/deconstruction philosophy of its shows. The “canal” typography is simple and clean; obviously not too different from all the Avenir-Futura-Avant Garde typography we see a lot of, but in this particular word it looks nice.

New Logo and On-Air Look for Canal Q by Silvio Teixeira, HomemBala, Nuno Alves, and Moullinex
Sample on-air graphics.
New Logo and On-Air Look for Canal Q by Silvio Teixeira, HomemBala, Nuno Alves, and Moullinex
Sample idents.
Full set of on-air package. Long video, you have to scrub to skip the show samples (which are fine, just a little long). Some fun behind-the-scenes shots at the very end.

The real charm and success of this identity is in its on-air use. There are two aspects to it: 1) The actual, information graphics with show times and descriptions and 2) the idents and channel branding, that establish the attitude of Canal Q. The graphics are sharp and quirky with a great color palette and some random shapes thrown in because, random shapes. (It reminds me of Ben Pieratt’s Hessian identity for sale.) They have an old-school feel with a twenty-tens aesthetic to it. The idents then bring the stage concept to life with a slew of humorous vignettes where the “Q” acts as a hole in the wall and things happen behind and in front of it. It’s hard not to like this and it provides a new, refreshing take on the logo-as-window approach. Overall, this identity seems to fit the channel’s ethos perfectly.

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