New Logo for 500px by Focus Lab

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New Logo for 500px by Focus Lab



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(Est. 2009) “500px is a photo community and marketplace designed to enhance and support the creative process for creators and buyers. More than 6 million creatives use the 500px platform to improve, showcase and monetize their work. The 500px marketplace provides buyers with the opportunity to license fresh, powerful images to use in their creative campaigns. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada where it was founded in 2009 and has an office in San Francisco, USA. 500px has raised $23 million in funding to date, from Andreessen Horowitz, Harrison Metal, ff Venture Capital, Visual China Group and other investors.

design by

Focus Lab (Savannah, GA)

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Clean, simple and articulate, the new logotype clearly communicates the 500px name and will be the one predominantly used in most applications. The mark is bold, demonstrative and more playful, with a pattern that evokes a fingerprint and animation that echoes the turn of a camera lens. It will be used in applications where its size and shape are advantageous, and may also be used as a design element.

Creating both a logotype and a mark allow us to better reflect our brand identity consistently and clearly depending on the platform and dimensions of space available

The simplicity of the logotype merges into a sophisticated mark with a strong, distinct visual identity — pretty important for a visual creativity company!

500px micro site


Even though the company is called 500px, the old logo never helped reinforce that as it read more like "Five Infinity". In execution it was even a decent logo but it didn't help in establishing a clear brand for a new company-slash-community. The new logo — excuse me, the new logotype — doesn't have a big concept and it's mainly a typographic exercise in clarity and function. Now, there is no doubt: the logo for 500px is and says 500px. It's a very basic logotype that looks nice enough and is simple. The logotype transforms into a mark — I'm putting these terms in italics because they are somewhat randomly assigned — that carries more visual intrigue by blending all the shapes of the logotype into more of a monogram. Impossible to read for cool to look at. Only its use from now on will create the association to 500px and that quirky "x" is what will probably be the trigger as it's fairly distinct. Overall, being that this is a community for creatives, the solution is very good and fits in nicely with the likes of Flickr, Deviantart, and Dribbble.

New Logo for 500px by Focus Lab
Logotype detail.
New Logo for 500px by Focus Lab
Mark detail.
Logotype to mark animation.
New Logo for 500px by Focus Lab
Logo process video.

Thanks to Pedro Vit for the tip.


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