New Logo for Colorado College by Studio/Lab

Between a Rock and Diagonal Lines

New Logo for Colorado College by Studio/Lab



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“The Colorado College (also known as CC) is a private liberal arts college in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States, near the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It was founded in 1874 by Thomas Nelson Haskell. The college enrolls approximately 2,000 undergraduates at its 90-acre (36 ha) campus, 70 miles (110 km) south of Denver. The college offers 42 majors and 33 minors, and has a student-faculty ratio of 10:1. Famous alumni include Ken Salazar, Lynne Cheney, James Heckman and Marc Webb. Colorado College has an acceptance rate of 17%, was ranked as the best private college in Colorado by Forbes, and listed as the 25th-best National Liberal Arts College in the 2016 U.S. News & World Report rankings.” (Wikipedia)

design by

Studio/Lab (Chicago, IL)

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The institutional logo serves as the core of the Colorado College identity system. A graphic “CC” mark is coupled with custom geometric letterforms that spell out “Colorado College,” giving our logo a unique look that boldly distinguishes the college from other institutions, reflects our independent spirit in the West, and prepares the college for the next era of growth and prominence with a strong, modernist appeal.

Colorado College guidelines (PDF)


The old logo could have been something interesting with the calligraphic "CC" monogram had it not had that bad gradient behind it. Or perhaps it would have been great as a logo not for a university but for Charlie and Claire's wedding (sorry, been rewatching Lost and those are the two first names with a C that came to mind). The type was unsurprisingly boring and the spacing in 1874 was about 23 light years between each number. The new logo, keeps the "CC" monogram, now rising behind a depiction of the Rocky Mountains and rendered through a diagonal-stripe pattern. (The athletics team of CC are the Tigers, so there is a fun relationship between that and the stripes.) It's a different approach for a university and it's mostly fine; slightly daring. The logo loses interest as it re-renders in an overlay (the worse of the variations) and single-color. The identity type family is Proxima Nova and I thought that's what the logo was too but it's either something else or they modified Proxima Nova in very odd ways, especially the "R", that has a tiny little leg to support the top-heavy bowl. Not much in application but the logo serves as a good seed for something fruitful.

New Logo for Colorado College by Studio/Lab
Logo detail, primary version.
New Logo for Colorado College by Studio/Lab
New Logo for Colorado College by Studio/Lab
Overlay and single-color version.
New Logo for Colorado College by Studio/Lab
Logo extensions.
The new look, explained.

Thanks to Shawn Maloney for the tip.


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