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New Logo for Dailymotion by venturethree



Reviewed Mar. 17, 2015 by Armin

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Launched in 2005 from the living room in Paris of one of its partners, Dailymotion is one of the bigger video platforms behind YouTube, boasting 300 million viewers on its player and 30 billion video views worldwide per month. Neither as mainstream as YouTube nor as hip as Vimeo, Dailymotion falls somewhere in between. I don’t think I’ve met anyone or can pinpoint a website that consciously chooses Dailymotion over any of the two popular players but it pops up often enough to be recognizable. This week, Dailymotion introduced a new logo designed by London-based venturethree.

Beginning with a series of workshops and interviews, venturethree helped dailymotion articulate their story as the most open video platform on the planet — a place to celebrate individuality and self-expression. The project explored a full refresh of the core visual elements to bring coherence, flexibility and a touch of attitude to the brand expression.

Provided press release

New Logo for Dailymotion by venturethree
Tagline on cool image.
A refined and simplified logo is supported by a brightened colour palette and clean graphic style. Working with the dailymotion design and UX teams, v3 extended these core design principles across the full user experience, including brand architecture, iconography, typography and tone of voice.

Provided press release

New Logo for Dailymotion by venturethree
Logo detail.
New Logo for Dailymotion by venturethree
Logo on cool image.

I remember running across the wordmark of the old logo but I wouldn’t have recognize that ominous tower as part of it; it’s a rather scary visual and runs against the feel-good, democratic, self-expressive positioning of Dailymotion. The wordmark was scary in its own right with that terrible mangling of letterforms in the “motion” part. The new logo tears down the tower and goes for a wordmark-only approach; a sans serif of course. It also smartly foregoes the visual division between the two words and treats the name as a single word. The execution is a fairly straightforward geometric sans with the distinguishing quality of having the round characters overlap on the letters preceding them. It’s kinda cool, hinting at movement and layering and it works surprisingly well at small sizes, retaining the overlap effect and kerning rhythm. I keep wanting to see the “y” overlap so that the spacing is more even but that would break the system.

New Logo for Dailymotion by venturethree
App icon.
New Logo for Dailymotion by venturethree
Icons and UI elements.
New brand introduction.

Not much in application. More rounded sans over more cool images. The resulting identity still manages to land somewhere between YouTube and Vimeo with a look and feel that aims somewhere between big-event videos and rad-dude-skiing-with-a-GoPro videos as well as stepping outside the more artsy feel of Vimeo and cat-video feel of YouTube.

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